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77 Productions

77 Productions is a Melbourne, Australia based video production facility specialising in live productions, design, motion graphics, VFX, animation, editing, dynamic content designs, sound design/mixing and on-set VFX supervision & data wrangling facilities. In short, “imagination made real”
77 Productions offers a boutique production service for television, feature, production houses, advertising, documentary, commercial, web video and corporate clients.
77 Productions’ promise is to deliver services in a professional and timely manner; going above and beyond to meet clients needs and with excellence. In other words, ask, seek and knock and doors will open to a world of creativity and passion like no other.
77 Productions offers a smorgasbord of services that can cater to different scales, budgets and timelines; designed to suit clients needs, all with an unrestricted creativity.
Video production services include, but are not limited to:
– Script & Creative Development
– Filming & Camera Opertion
– Motion Graphics & Design
– Compositing & VFX
– Animation 2D & 3D
– Sound Design & Mixing
– Editing (SD, HD, 4K with Stereoscopic options)
– Colour Grading
– On-set VFX Supervision and Consultation
– Dynamic Content Designs
– On-set Data Wrangling & DI
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