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Bayside Finance Group

What drives us –

We have a genuine interest in helping people achieve their financial goals. Our main focus is on achieving a good lending outcome for our clients. We adopt the Customer First Rule as follows –

“We place your interests first in my dealings with you. In doing so, we will ensure we recommend a loan which is appropriate (in terms of size and structure), is affordable, is applied for in a compliant manner and meets your set of objectives at the time of seeking the loan.”

We treat you like we would a member of our family. We take the time to listen to your situation, understand your needs and then deliver a lending solution which is both appropriate and affordable. We offer you a choice of suitable lenders and any loan recommendation is based on your situation, not our compensation.

We specialise in–


  • For Owner Occupied & Investment Properties including First Home Buyers
  • Existing Loan Refinancing
  • Debt Consolidation & Mortgage Reduction
  • Non-Conforming Lending
  • Car & Personal Loans
  • Self Employed & PAYG – Full Doc & Lo Doc


  • Lo Doc Vehicle & Equipment Lease Finance
  • Working Capital Finance
  • Business & Commercial Property Loans
  • Sales Finance

    What we can offer –
  • 12 years broad lending experience. Skills in knowing where to place your loan so that it will have the best chance of being approved.
  • Advice on home and investment property purchases, sourcing low cost mortgage finance, Loan structuring, Mortgage Reduction strategies and on-going Debt Management advice
  • A FREE Property Report on ANY property you currently own or are looking to purchase
  • FREE Guides to download for 1) First Home Buyers, 2) Buying and Selling a Property, 3) Refinancing a Property and 4) for Property Investors
  • Expertise in lending in difficult personal circumstances, ie credit cards maxed out, bad credit history, banks said no, Sheriff knocking on the door, etc
  • A high standard of customer service with a “can do” attitude and professional management of your application from initial enquiry through to settlement and beyond

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