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Bayside Real Estate Advocates


My name is NIcole Payne, after 21 years in Real estate, a sold back ground in managing and owning a real estate office locally, listing and selling over 4000 properties and also achieving great heights in my real estate career. Working with big franchise brands in training young recruits and corporate growth, i am happy to say i am the proud owner of Bayside Real estate Advocates.

We are a company specializing in assisting the Vendor/seller to capitalize on the best the market will pay and spending as little as possible on advertising and commission in order to  achieve above their expectations.

It does not cost anymore in fees to work with myself, as it is a shared commission with the agent, and if anything, it may cost you gravely to not use an advocate in the selling of your property. Honesty and transparency along with good old fashioned hard work from us will be the extra 10% you need to achieve the best result.There are many reasons to use an advocate,and this can be just that you haven’t sold for a long time, deceased estates, divorce, or you are living interstate or overseas, let us handle the day to day and you get on with life, even that its your first property you have sold, the benefits of hiring a professional to oversea the transaction makes sense..

The advantages are endless and it really does stream line the process and give you comfort that a professional is looking out for your best interest.

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