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Coaching Focus

Education needs leaders who are not only good at their craft but are also great at leading others.  This is a challenge when leadership skills aren’t covered in teacher training and teachers are too busy to learn it just by osmosis.

Coaching Focus is here to help you be more confident in your leadership and move your leadership career forward.

We will help you to know who you are as a leader and to understand others so you can be the inspirational, focused leader you want to be.

We need more leadership role models in schools. You could be that role model for those you lead.

We believe great leaders are clear, consistent, confident and considered. They use a coaching style, have a focus on healthy staff culture and strong working relationships. They have high emotional intelligence and are both resilient and assertive in challenging conversations.

If this is what you want for yourself or for those in your team, then let’s start a conversation.

I’m Janine Stratford, the founder of Coaching Focus. We will help you whether it be developing yourself as a leader, strengthening your team or building coaching competence across your organisation.  We work across Australia and New Zealand.

So… what’s your challenge right now – finding your feet or finding your stride?

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