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Emily Wallace Buyers Advocate

A passion for property is an understatement. Property is our 24/7, the first thing we think about when we  wake and a way of life. Your property needs will be at the forefront of our mind when working as your buyer’s advocate. ​

Having entered the property market at age of 23 with an investment that has already gained 34 percent capital growth, Emily Wallace knows how to uncover potential and value.

Emily understands that buying a property is a major financial decision for you – it is life changing. From sourcing, inspecting, presenting, negotiating and purchasing, we do it all for you. 

We are extremely hard working and dedicated to providing clients with a premium service and an experience that leaves a lasting impression.  We take the stress out of buying property. We are the experts in our field and we will deliver the results.

Buying a property isn’t something to be taken lightly – you need a specialist.

You are our top priority; your property success is our motivation; we are at your service

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