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Toxic Metals Detox Clinic, Melbourne

As Founder and Clinician of Toxic Metals Detox Clinic, Melbourne, Janine provides positive and often long sought after answers to her Clients chronic conditions. In her Specialised Practice she has the most up to date technology for testing for Heavy Toxic Metals and Mineral deficiencies in the body.  With these instant test results she can then put in place very safe, gentle,  slow, natural and individualised detoxification programs.

Toxic metals are just that, very toxic to the body and over time, will and do, cause chronic and very serious illnesses such as Auto Immune Diseases.

These metals are everywhere, they are in the food we eat, the water we drink and in the air we breathe, they can even be present in our work or home environment and if left undetected these high levels of toxic metals in the body will gradually cause symptoms that, to the client will be explainable and very distressing, with in most cases the diagnosis of an Autoimmune Disease for the rest of their lives.

Detoxing heavy metals from the body must be taken very slowly and gently, to say that a 2 or 7 day quick detox will solve the problem is both unrealistic and dangerous as it could damage the already compromised kidneys and liver.   Also it is important to know what metal you are targeting and by how much, it is also very helpful to have a tangible record of these toxicities and be able to compare the changes during the detoxing progress.

During the detoxing process{, Janine supports her clients health and well-being with a range of natural and complementary therapies to ensure that this process is as gentle and easy as possible and with the least amount of aggravations.

Janine is very passionate about her business and it gives her great joy to be able to offer to her clients positive answers to their chronic conditions.

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