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Karen your Career Coach

My business is a private professional career coaching service. I hold post-graduate qualifications in both adolescent counselling and career development and I am a member of the CEAV and CDAA, the two key professional bodies in Australia for career development. I am independent of any institution, in that I do not work for a school, tertiary institute or training provider and therefore clients can be sure that the support they receive is totally impartial. My service is dedicated to the needs of students and young adults, therefore job seekers from the age of 15, year 9 students needing careers assessments, (such as the Morrisby Online assessment tool), as well as support in choosing subjects and planning for Work Experience placements. I help year 10s with subject selection for VCE (or IB) and VET, and years 11 and 12s for decisions around higher education study, Gap Year planning and employment/apprenticeship options.

I have experience in helping students to compare local, interstate and international courses. I also have worked with students who are considering USA College and UK university applications, and then subsequently assisting with the Visa application processes. I have experience with students interested in studying Medicine and I consult online with interstate and international student applicants. Year 12s come to me for VTAC preference practice and and when they receive tertiary offers, I support them with the acceptance and enrolment process, as well as to help with choosing Majors, Minors and Electives.

I work with young adults who are hoping to commence higher education study as non-year 12 applicants, and with students who wish to change courses. During and subsequent to higher education study, students also come to me for help in finding relevant part-time and full-time employment and also in exploring Graduate programs and poset-graduate study options.

Finally, I have specialist experience in supporting Performing Arts students with selecting the appropriate tertiary providers and with applications for auditions.

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