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Mindfulmooves has worked closely with teams and executives from a range of Australia’s leading companies including Westpac, ME Bank, Webjet, Fonterra, Newcrest Mining and Bongornio Financial group, to name a few.

We offer evidence-based mindfulness training programs, courses and workshops for your company. Mindfulness in the workplace has been seen to have a positive effect in the workplace including, reducing stress, increasing productivity, fostering better leaders and reducing absenteeism.

Benefits include:

  • Being more organised, focused and productive
  • Managing stress, anxiety and overwhelm
  • Improve mental capacity and clarity
  • Working more proactively and not reactively
  • Thrive under high-pressure situations
  • Work mindfully as a team together
  • Improve sleep and overall energy levels
  • Mindful leadership and emotional intelligence

Melo shares over 25 years experience as a certified mindfulness facilitator and performance coach, helping companies and individuals work under high-pressure situations, manage stress and anxiety, prevent burnout and help them find work-life balance.

Melo works closely with corporate companies, small businesses, CEO’s, professional athletes, entrepreneurs, thought leaders and individuals. His work has been described as ‘truly transformational both personally and professionally’.


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