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Redbootie, an Australian owned shoe company , originated in Melbourne back in 2009. For ten years, Redbootie has worked effortlessly to perfect the art of high quality yet affordable shoes, built to support children and their growing feet.

Every pair includes leather lining, arch supports and firm heel counters for a comfortable fit in a variety of sizes from EU21 to EU42. Our shoes are available in bigger sizes to adapt to any child, and make parents’ lives easier. For young girls with adult-sized feet, we’re here for you!

 RedBootie  knows how difficult it can be to find age appropriate shoes for children who have seemingly outgrown the children’s section. There is no point in paying even more money for unsuitable styles. Redbootie believes children should be children, and dress like them too, which is why we have a “no heel” policy.

At the end of the day, children need shoes that will grow with them. They need comfortable, long-lasting shoes that will allow them to run and play. Redbootie understands everything about its shoes, especially how they are made from start to finish, to ensure unbeatable quality. Redbootie is proud of its shoes  and is sure that you will fall in love with them too.

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