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SP Executive Search & Recruitment

Last year, I launched my own Executive Search & Recruitment business after more than 20 years in the industry. Sarah Pihan Executive Search & Recruitment has given me the opportunity to execute a clear vision and a standard of service developed from that experience.

I am passionate about maintaining strong relationships with a select group of clients, driven by mutual respect and my enjoyment working with them.

I invest time to understand my clients, their business needs and culture. I present to them only candidates that I know will contribute to their success.

Finding the best talent for my clients is supported by the importance that I place on maintaining long term relationships with many candidates through my networks, workshops and regular one-on-one meetings. Because these relationships are based on mutual respect, some of my previous candidates are now loyal clients, even if I wasn’t successful in placing them in a role.

Sarah Pihan Executive Search & Recruitment is partnered with leaders in a select group of clients. It provides a tailored service incorporating search and recruitment methodologies to operate as a natural extension of your business.

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