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TGM Stress Management

Can you afford not to take an interest in the financial and personal cost stress can have on your workplace and to those affected? What can you do to lower the risk to your employees?

Fit and healthy people are good for business and that includes mental health and stress management and that’s where TGM Stress Management can help. At TGM Stress Management the workshops are designed specifically for individual organisations as each one will have individual needs. All workshops are interactive and will provide a thorough understanding of stress, more awareness of how it affects each of us, our colleagues and the organisation in which we work. It will provide strategies for handling stress more effectively whether the stress is coming from the workplace or home.

Expected workshop learning outcomes

  • Gain an understanding of what stress is and how to manage it
  • Study the different levels of stress and the positive and negative impacts
  • Increase own awareness of how to recognise signs of stress in self and in others
  • Fewer sick days
  • Greater engagement and motivation
  • Better inter-staff relations
  • Higher productivity and improved performance
  • Reduced turnover

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