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Sandirngham Yacht Club

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April 29

Paul McCarthy is one of Australia’s most successful small business marketing experts and, following the March seminar, he will continue to deliver valuable marketing information in a very engaging presentation. Learn how to:-

How to STAND OUT in a crowded marketplace
How to build VIRAL marketing tools
How to create a COMMUNITY of raving fans
How to use NO pressure selling to win more business

Attend this seminar and learn from one of the best marketing experts in Australia.


What Paul has taught me about marketing has completely transformed my business.
Today I am attracting more clients, for higher fees than I ever dreamed possible. It’s simple, if you want to learn how to really market yourself, listen to Paul he’s the best in the business.   – Mark Bloodworth, Lifeblood Performance

The impact you have had on our business is beyond words.  From being frustrated, tired and ready to throw in the towel, today we are focused, energised and importantly making money. Bookings are flowing in like never before. I am so grateful we found you”.  – Julia Surtees, Jolie Image Photography

Date: April 29 5:30 pm

June 4

Sales is helping people believe in a solution.  Magic is the same.  Without the ability to sell to others on either your ideas or products there is no business.  As a magician without the ability to sell there is no magic.

Home grown Australian speaker JOSH NORBIDO has been furnishing the minds of audiences with his neoteric and intriguing performances projected through the art of margic.

Josh does not only possess the ability to entertain, he seizes the guests’ desire to learn and captures, quite simply – human curiosity.

Josh explains and demonstrates live on stage the principles that allows you to engage your customer and create an atmosphere more conducive for buying.

“Engage me and you can make me convince myself”

*People must buy you first before they can buy your product;

*Buying takes place in the silence;

* If you can make a friend, you make a fortune;

*Using creativity to differentiate and dominate

Be entertained while learning a deeper understanding of how you can effectively nurture and propel results.

Date: June 4 7:00 am

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